Sir Piers Signs - SIGNED

SO-UK: Music Signs Sir Piers !

Sir Piers Signs to SO-UK: Music

At 1:20AM on a very cold November Thursday morning the signed deal was finally done! SO-UK: Music now have a publishing deal with the legendary Sir Piers. I say legendary because in UK music terms Sir Piers is fairly new in his current guise.

As owner of Curious records Sir Piers has delivered remixes for just about every class house music producer that you can tangibly think of.

From the early days with Dirtdiggers, Reel People and Tarantulaz, Sir Piers is now in the hot seat producing his own album – Survival. Due for release on SO-UK: Music in 2018, the album features some god-like collaborations. Artists such as Frank McComb, Level 42, Shaun Escoffery, Natalie Williams, Monique Bingham and Kenny Thomas have all appeared on his inaugural album – SirVival.

The ‘guvnors’ at SO-UK: Music are more than happy to have Sir Piers on board. As you can see, some of us were unable to reach the dizzy heights of our new signed genius! Keep an eye out for Sir Piers releases from the up and coming album AND his incredible back catalogue. 2018 will be an exiting year !