Artist Development


Once upon a time record labels committed themselves to the development of the careers of their recording artists. Today, sadly the sands have shifted; making it unheard of to be able to find a record label committed to this goal. When a major label signs a new artist or band, they presume (often wrongly) the artist has the required musical, songwriting, and performance knowledge; and are ready for the next level.


The first order of Artist Development is the music itself. Getting it heard by a responsible music company that will be transparent with the artist and will honour their work with constructive feedback. It takes more than a good song to succeed. Key attributes include  the artist attitude, passion from their chosen music company and a welcoming way into the market that will embrace their songs. Finding a niche, learning how to manage its growth whilst being diverse and different are also essential attributes to becoming a successful act. It is important to be able to maintain creative freedom whilst ensuring output is applicable to the audience. Ultimately the whole package must be of a high calibre, a responsibility shared by the artist, label, publisher and manager.


Artist Development is about protecting the great songs, registering them with copyright organisations. Music services companies need to affiliate with the Performing Rights Societies, so that if and when those songs are played, royalties will be paid. We enjoy helping artists of all backgrounds. Enabling them take their music to the next level in the knowledge that their music is adequately protected.
We offer artist development support through a range of professionally delivered services. Including branding and promotion, recording and mentoring. Supporting the developing artist with funding for Social Media campaigns, studio time and Musicians Union registration.