D.J.A.D. Driven, Unique and Fresh

D.J.A.D,  born on 20th September 1992 in London to extremely musical parents that went on to shape a crucial part of his influences: his father Samson Marioghae being a self-taught guitar player and singer and his mother Augusta Marioghae being a graduate in Theatre Arts.


Over the years the music D.J.A.D. creates has undergone monumental change. Originally grounded in heavily lyrical and meaningful messages that make the listener aware of the problems we face in the wider world, D.J.A.D.’s love for purposeful lyrics that stand out from the crowd never left. Every song of his has reference to or draws inspiration from some sort of reality, with a massive emphasis being placed on being true to himself and consistently real about what he makes. Versatility in his vocals and diversity in his music is something D.J.A.D. holds dear, believing that a true artist can adapt and create in all sorts of ways for all sorts of situations, thus giving rise to an artist that transcends styles and genres.

His latest project Proving Grounds 2 stands as testimony to his prowess as a rapper, with tracks like “Wife Material” and “Dinero” providing commercially viable vibes, “Ride“ and “25” making it onto BBC Introducing on BBC Three Counties Radio with Edward Adoo, “Legend” and “Don’t Call It A Comeback“ providing sounds drenched in old school Hip Hop influence and “Letter To My Dad” expressing the deepest of his emotions.

His flow is something he prides himself on the most, particularly with the ever-evolving way he is able to switch between them so seamlessly. Incorporating dancing into his performances also makes him stand out from the crowd as “more than just a rapper”, wanting to be viewed as a dynamic performer and captivating entertainer.

Moments that highlight D.J.A.D.’s status as an entertainer include his performance as the captain of the University of Westminster Dance Society in 2014 and his performance alongside Balance Unity (a future top 10 Britain’s Got Talent finalist) in 2015 that won him the finals of the Big Break competition.

Ultimately D.J.A.D. aims to be an experience. Something you come across, live through and leave better for. Whether it is the lyricism, flow, delivery or message in his words, the passion in his dancing or the positive energy in his person. Signed to SO-UK: Music management in 2018 D.J.A.D will develop and work with established music and video producers as we steer his career.